Building Resilience.
Using Flashpoint simulations.



Discover the critical steps executives and management teams need to take to protect your company, customers and brand.  A crisis can hit in a flash and organisations have only a few hours to do what can seem impossible at the time. Ad-hoc responses typically yield mistakes, especially in high pressure situations. Crises and disruptions leave your company vulnerable to judgements from consumers, politicians, the media and stakeholder groups.  It takes years to build your reputation and only minutes to destroy it - affecting market share, consumer sentiment and ultimately your bottom line.  Are your people prepared to meet the challenge?


The experience

Time  and cost effective hypothetical activities designed to challenge senior management and executives validating the importance of being crisis-prepared in the boardroom. Flashpoint engages executives and management teams with the opportunity to practise responding to crisis.  A series of scaled activities gives participants first-hand experience of managing a crisis in just two hours. Primarily designed for decision makers, Flashpoint focuses on building skills in crisis leadership, decision making, communication, and information management.