Building Resilience.
Through Testing and Practising.


There is no point having an emergency or crisis management plan unless it’s tested and you practise it.

Resilient businesses, organisations, communities and families invest time and resources to build capabilities, test their emergency management plans and practise them. Practice must be interactive and involve key decision makers and their teams.

Tigertail devises real-world exercises that test every aspect of an emergency or business continuity plan ‘on the ground’, in simulated emergency conditions.

Our exercises are based on the practical experience we have gained as first responders and strategic leaders during all kinds of real emergencies. We have helped communities and organisations survive disasters such as storms, bushfires, floods, earthquakes, biohazards, pandemics and multi-casualty accidents. Tigertail’s approach to exercise planning and practice is firmly grounded in reality. It’s a hard earned capability that benefits our clients’ businesses and, ultimately, their lives.