Building Resilience.
With Hospital Emergency Simulation.


ISEE Hospital online

ISEE Hospital online is incident simulation software specifically designed to help hospital management and staff deal effectively with crises. It enables you to design and practise procedures that are vital when your hospital has to manage incidents and emergencies. With ISEE Hospital online, you can practise scenarios on the web – anywhere, anytime.

The software offers a realistic and engaging representation of staff, resources, patients and infrastructure. Trainers can illustrate potential crises and help management and staff prepare for and respond to them. Scenarios can be designed and shaped to suit your hospital’s configuration, location, specialisations, standard operating procedures, hazards and risk levels.


The Building Block Module helps you configure the simulator and adapt it to match your local conditions. You can adjust and create departments and units, then configure personnel and resources. Patients can be configured from a large profile database to populate wards and units.

Using the ‘stage’ you’ve set from the Building Block Module, you use the Scenario Module to build simulated incidents.

The Training Module puts the first two modules into action. Students practise various scenarios, determine responses and implement them. All decisions and actions are recorded and stored so that detailed feedback can be given to students