Building Resilience.
By Tailoring Services for Specialist Sectors.


One of the most important challenges facing every organisation today is cost-effective risk management. Although all sectors have much in common, each has its own special logistical and compliance requirements.

We audit, test and design risk management plans, then help organisations to implement those plans and update them whenever necessary. Just as importantly, we deliver rigorous training programs that make crisis management teams work effectively, helping organisations maintain continuity during any kind of disruption, and recover more quickly.


Tigertail’s experience with major mining companies, constructors, transport operators, energy producers and utility operators gives us a special insight into the needs of the infrastructure sector. Risks in this sector are numerous and complex, and emergency planning is subject to rigorous compliance requirements. Lives often depend on how infrastructure organisations prepare, train for and respond to emergencies.


For professional services firms, financial institutions, major corporations and small to medium businesses, Tigertail builds affordable continuity, crisis and emergency management programs that comply with relevant legislation, such as the most recent requirements prescribed for holders of Australian Financial Services Licences (AFSL). We are also able to help professional services firms’ clients implement and practise effective emergency management planning. This is an important value-add for professional services firms such as lawyers, accountants and business consultancies.


We have worked extensively in all three tiers of government. Our clients have included emergency services, statutory corporations, defence agencies and government departments. In our work with governments, we have acted as first responders, emergency management planners, policy developers and authors of major reports.

Approved supplier. Tigertail is a supplier on the following government panels:

  • NSW Government Performance and Management Services Scheme (SCM005) in the areas of crisis management, training and development, and risk.

  • NSW Government ICT Services Scheme (SCM0020) in the areas of strategic risk management, business continuity planning, learning services and software applications.

  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority National Plan Technical Services Panel (14AMSA211-11)

  • Australian Federal Police Capability Support Services Panel (SON3538332) for operational capability supplementation, professional and operational services labour hire, engineering and technical services, and learning and development services.