Resilience is bouncing back when things go wrong. Tigertail will help build resilience by providing clarity and building confidence to maintain continuity.


Our team has a combined experience of more than 100 years as crisis and emergency management leaders, continuity specialists, policy advisors, planners and trainers. We cover everything – from prevention and preparedness to response and recovery.

We audit, design, plan, and implement end-to-end crisis and emergency management systems, business continuity strategies and crisis communication plans. We’ve worked with blue chip Australian and international corporations, small to medium enterprises, Federal, State and Local Government authorities and communities. 

Surviving crisis demands specialist skills. We honed our skills in the real-world; leading crisis and emergency preparedness and response for government, defence and private corporations. Few other consultancies combine our experience as practitioners with our unique perspective designing and implementing continuity plans, crisis response and emergency management systems. We know the rules because we helped create and shape many of them. Our experience means we can anticipate regulatory changes and lead best practice.

Our Services


We specialise in advisory and training services to strengthen your business, organisation or community’s resilience


We will help you develop strategies to minimise and manage your risks and maintain business continuity.


Tigertail training will demystify business continuity, risk, crisis and emergency management so you can reduce costs and bounce back better


There is no point having a continuity, emergency or crisis management plan unless it’s tested and you practise it.

Our Products

XVR Virtual reality training

You can bring emergency response training to life with immersive 3D virtual reality. Tigertail is the Australia and New Zealand provider of XVR virtual reality training software. Improve your strategic and tactical response capability through immersive training.


Discover the critical steps executives and management teams need to take to protect your company, customers and brand.  A crisis can hit in a flash and organisations have only a short time to react. Ad-hoc responses typically yield mistakes, especially in high pressure situations.

Tigertail Thoughts

The Tigertail Team

Helping you make your world more resilient.

Rick Stone, Managing Director Tigertail



“Stuff happens – whether we thrive, survive or fail depends on the culture we’ve built. Building resilience through planning, preparation and practise is always an investment, never an expense.”

Rick Stone is a highly experienced emergency management and training specialist who has worked extensively in the private and public sectors.

Rick founded Tigertail Australia in 2010 as a consultancy that specialises in risk, crisis and emergency management. He has worked with diverse clients including utilities, mines, state and national government authorities in Australia and overseas. Rick has designed and delivered training and emergency management exercises at strategic, operational and tactical levels.

Prior to Tigertail, Rick was the senior disaster planner for NSW for five years and spent ten years as the Training Manager for the NSW State Emergency Service. He was instrumental in developing the Public Safety Training Package and was on the Board of the Public Safety Industry Training Advisory Body for seven years.

A qualified executive coach, Rick served in the Royal Australian Navy as a Training Systems Officer for ten years and continues as an officer in the Navy Reserve, where he works with the team conducting Navy’s Leadership Development Workshops.

Samantha Ford, Chief Operating Officer Tigertail



“Preparing for crisis means strengthening your organisation and improving your bottom line over time.”

Samantha Ford has more than 15 years’ national and international experience in planning for and mitigating risks in banking, government, human services, health, professional services and industrial sectors. Samantha has led international aid, emergency management response and recovery initiatives.

The foundation of Samantha’s experience is in emergency management planning and operations management with expertise in crisis communications, including operational, planning and policy development. She has worked with a range of clients to develop Incident Management Team capabilities, prepare emergency plans, and develop and facilitate training and exercises.

Samantha has provided specialist consulting services since 2009, and her experience includes five years in the Secretariat for the NSW State Emergency Management Committee, where she had significant emergency planning and operational responsibilities.