Building Resilience
through training


Tigertail training will demystify business continuity, risk, crisis and emergency management so you can reduce costs and bounce back better, no matter what the world throws at you.

Our training is active and experiential, designed to engage people and embed learning. We have extensive experience in training people from diverse backgrounds – community volunteers, part-time and full-time first responders, employees, middle managers and senior executives.

Our performance-based training portfolio includes:

  • Business continuity, resilience and recovery workshops

  • First-response training and simulations

  • Strategic desktop exercises and crisis simulations

  • Crisis management and media conference training

  • Crisis management and recovery seminars

  • Training videos

  • Interactive e-learning modules

  • Crisis management team development and training

  • Emergency coordination centre simulations

  • Full-scale field exercises

  • Crisis and emergency leadership training

  • Government affairs workshops