Building Resilience.
Using XVR 3D Virtual Reality Training.


You can bring emergency response training to life with immersive 3D virtual reality.

XVR Simulation, a leading European supplier of emergency simulation training and software, has developed XVR, a modular virtual reality training platform for education, training and assessment of Incident Controllers and their teams. XVR is a reliable and user-friendly simulation tool where learning is key and the instructor is in control. The three modules can be used separately or linked together and run concurrently. The XVR platform is used in single- and multi-agency settings.

Tigertail manages the XVR Regional Support Centre for Australia and New Zealand. 

on scene

The On Scene module provides immersive 3D visualisation of an incident scene. It enables one or more responders to walk, drive or fly through the simulated reality, making assessments, reports and decisions based on a situation that changes in real-time.

Crisis Media

The Crisis Media module immerses participants in the kind of media barrage that accompanies a major incident, with real-time simulation of online and social media.