United Nations International Day for Disaster Reduction

The number of people exposed to extreme weather and earthquakes continues to grow in 2017. Death, serious injury, losing the family home or the ability to earn a living are just some of the consequences of this exposure.

Droughts across the globe and especially in the Horn of Africa; a record breaking Atlantic hurricane season battering the Caribbean, Central America and the United States; and flooding across Bangladesh, India and Nepal have disrupted the lives of millions.

Here in Australia we are not immune; we’ve just had our driest September on record in many places, bushfires are already affecting the southern part of the country, and the Bureau of Meteorology’s most recent outlook shows a mixed bag of risks.

The UN’s Sendai 7 Targets Campaign and International Day for Disaster Reduction are aimed at ensuring all communities in all countries continue to build resilience to be able to withstand and recover from emergencies.

As the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction, Robert Glasser explains:

“Despite many successes there are still far too many lives being lost in predictable events because of failures to deploy early warning systems [and] learn lessons from past events […] Disaster risk reduction is everybody’s business.”

Just as the UN and aid agencies strive to learn from the past as a tool to protect the future, you can improve your business’s preparedness to a volatile and disruptive world. It is your business to ensure your business is prepared and we can help.

Tigertail helps organisations build the resiliency they need in time of crisis. We bring experience and energy to de-risking your business through planning and training as well tailored practice, drills and exercises.

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