Building Resilience. 
For our clients, their people and their projects.



Tigertail works with many organisations including government and corporations in Australia and abroad. We help build resilient organisations that thrive in a volatile, uncertain and disruptive world.


Tigertail motivates teams and creates a capable and resilient workforce through exercises and simulation.  We tailor emergency management exercises for Australia's largest infrastructure owner / operators that focus on solving problems affecting localised operations, which have potential to escalate to a crisis. Then, we build on these emergencies to run executive level crisis management exercises that enable teams to manage any interruption, enable quicker recovery and protect reputation.

We work with fire and rescue agencies across Australia and New Zealand to improve strategic and tactical response capability through immersive training using XVR virtual reality software.  


Tigertail has developed three levels of Incident Management Training and  for clients in the the banking, health, water utilities and mining industries.  Training works up from the supportive response to tactical and strategic capability development.