Donuts + Exercises + Virtual Reality = Resilience

Matthew Harper doubts that he will win the Nobel Prize for mathematics for that discovery but for the 2019 Business Continuity Awareness Week, I am sure we have a winning formula for our BCI ACT forum meeting this week.

 This year's theme is "Investing in Resilience" so we have looked at three very different ways and different speakers to talk about their investment.

  1. Angela Friend of the ACT Chief Ministers Directorate will talk about their ambitious two year, eighteen exercise program and the recent evacuation/continuity functional exercise

  2. Our special guest will be Danijela Vrkic of Krofne Donuts.  Krofne is a social enterprise that provides meaningful employment for young adults in Canberra in the production, sales and distribution of what are possibly the best donuts on earth.

  3. We will also have the Canberra launch of the FLAIM Systems extinguisher (, a revolutionary new way to train anyone to use a fire extinguisher in complete safety and with real scenarios.

 Between Yellow Edge and Tigertail Australia we will provide a magnificent afternoon tea, featuring the great Krofne Donuts.

 Attendance is free to all following registration.  See you there!