Standing united against all forms of terror

"Stand united against all forms of terror." I love this message, to me it says bugger you, I am not putting up with your disgusting attempts to create instability, discrimination and unrest.

Following bombings earlier today in Brussels it reinforces the need to be vigilant, accept that these attacks are not isolated to one country and that terror is indiscriminate affecting all people regardless of religion or race.  

The goal of terrorist attacks is to frighten people into changing their behaviour.  Don't accept it as the norm, be disturbed by it and where you can, do something about it.  Have strategies in place to continue normal life, support one another and in business maintain productivity in the face of these outrageous acts. 

Report suspicious activity to the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400, be aware of your surroundings and understand your travel risks at Smartraveller advice. Follow updates on the Belgium bombings at SMH Live Coverage