Australian Federal Police include Tigertail on Standing Offer Panel

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) recently announced the successful panel providers under Standing Offer Notice (SON) 3538332 – Capability Support Services Panel.

The creation of this panel allows Australian, state and territory government agencies to access Tigertail Australia products and services (including XVR) using a pre-qualified tender process.

What is Tigertail approved for?

Tigertail has provided the AFP with an offering for a wide range of services including training, exercising, planning, operational surge staff and simulation software.  As a result, Tigertail is now an approved supplier for the following services:

Service Category 3 – Operational Capability Supplementation

Service Category 4 – Labour Hire and Recruitment

  • 4.1 Professional Services Labour Hire

  • 4.2 Operational Services Labour Hire

Service Category 5 – Engineering and Technical Services

  • 5.1 Engineering and Technical Service Support

Service Category 6: Learning and Development Services

  • 6.2 Tailored Training

  • 6.5 Development and delivery of training for professional development.

 XVR under SON 3538332

We are excited to announce that SON 3538332 includes contract arrangements for the purchase and licencing for XVR as well as provisions for its use as part of a Tigertail training or exercising activity.

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