Welcome to 2019!

The new year is once again upon us and the Tigertail team is looking forward to an exciting, challenging and rewarding year supporting our clients to build and maintain their resilience. 

Our world is increasingly uncertain; with challenges in our political, economic and trading environments (Brexit, US-China relationships, US Government shutdown, protests in France, slowing Chinese economy and upcoming elections in NSW and nationally).  The natural environment is under increasing strain; with record heatwaves, severe weather and earthquakes in our region, and climate change increasingly affecting the entire planet.  At a more local level, recent cracks in a newly completed residential tower in Sydney show that significant disruption can happen at any time, in any place. All of this uncertainty reinforces the need to build personal and organisational resilience so that you and your teams can evolve and thrive in a volatile world.

Our space. Tigertail has moved to build our capacity and capability by opening a new head office in Mascot, a short walking distance from Sydney Airport.  With a full-time presence in Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide, we can support organisations across Australia and the region. 

Our team. We are excited to welcome our newest team member, Craig Moroz, who joined our Sydney office just before Christmas.  Craig has over 30 years’ experience in the banking & financial services sector focusing on building resilience and crisis management capability.  In his last role at one of the big-four banks, he delivered a formal crisis management curriculum that included e-learning modules, formal training for response team leaders and command centre support leaders, and implemented quarterly exercises for the CEO and Executive Team. Craig adds significantly to our breadth and depth in supporting your business to be more successful.

We look forward to supporting all our clients on their resilience journey and wish everyone the very best for 2019.

Australian Federal Police include Tigertail on Standing Offer Panel

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) recently announced the successful panel providers under Standing Offer Notice (SON) 3538332 – Capability Support Services Panel.

The creation of this panel allows Australian, state and territory government agencies to access Tigertail Australia products and services (including XVR) using a pre-qualified tender process.

What is Tigertail approved for?

Tigertail has provided the AFP with an offering for a wide range of services including training, exercising, planning, operational surge staff and simulation software.  As a result, Tigertail is now an approved supplier for the following services:

Service Category 3 – Operational Capability Supplementation

Service Category 4 – Labour Hire and Recruitment

  • 4.1 Professional Services Labour Hire

  • 4.2 Operational Services Labour Hire

Service Category 5 – Engineering and Technical Services

  • 5.1 Engineering and Technical Service Support

Service Category 6: Learning and Development Services

  • 6.2 Tailored Training

  • 6.5 Development and delivery of training for professional development.

 XVR under SON 3538332

We are excited to announce that SON 3538332 includes contract arrangements for the purchase and licencing for XVR as well as provisions for its use as part of a Tigertail training or exercising activity.

 Questions?  Contact us at answers@tigertail.com.au

Tigertail recruiting now!

Tigertail Australia is excited to announce that it is recruiting for three new positions, one in Canberra and two in Sydney!  

Due to some exciting new client projects we are seeking candidates for the following positions:

Canberra: 1 x Associate or Senior Associate

Sydney: 1 x Associate or Senior Associate 

Sydney: 1 x Office Manager (part time) 

Click on the links provided to view the job description in LinkedIn.

We are a small but dynamic team of emergency, crisis and continuity management experts. Our clients range from all levels of government to infrastructure owner operators and large multinational companies.  This is a great opportunity for candidates that wish to work with a growing business and have a heap of fun along the way.  If you are interested in any of the advertised positions please contact us by email at answers@tigertail.com.au.



Coming to Canberra in March - Exercising Smarter

Exercising Smarter - virtual reality, training and strategic war gaming

“Exercising Smarter –Virtual Reality and its use in tactical training through to strategic war gaming” will look at how virtual reality is being used to train and exercise teams from front line responders all the way through to executive decision makers across the world.

To present this session, we are delighted to bring to Canberra Mr Martjin Boosman, founder of Dutch company XVR Simulation, and one of the world’s leaders in developing and using virtual reality for safety, security and disaster management training and exercising.

Who should attend?

·      National security thought leaders interested in improving exercise and training programs

·      Emergency and disaster managers interested in the future of exercising

·      Policy leaders in agencies who promote or require training activities

This is a free event and will include a light breakfast, tea and coffee for registered attendees.


Click here to access our Eventbrite registration page


police line.png

Tigertail Australia accepted into Australian Government Digital Marketplace

Tigertail Australia announced today that they have been listed on the Australian Government Digital Marketplace as a Subject Matter Expert for Cyber Security Exercising and Planning.

The Digital Marketplace is an initiative to make it easier for smaller businesses to compete for information and communications technology (ICT) products and services.  Being a listed SME for Cyber Security Exercising means that Tigertail can provide planning, exercising and training services to local, state, territory and Australian Government agencies as part of the Digital Marketplace Panel (SON3413842).

If you have any questions about using Tigertail under this panel arrangement, contact Matthew Harper on 0438 430 931.

Tigertail Australia at AFAC17, Darling Harbour

From Monday September 4 to Thursday September 7 the new, state of the art International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour plays host to more than 2,500 Emergency management personnel and industry leaders from across the country, including Tigertail Australia.

AFAC 17 is designed to maximise collaboration, access, and networking opportunities, with a focus on working together to improve emergency management. If you’re coming down, drop by our stand number 459 and say hello to the Tigertail team.

We’ll be showcasing our virtual reality XVR program, so you can see first hand what it can do.

XVR Simulation is a leading European supplier of emergency simulation training and software. XVR is a modular virtual reality training platform that allows teams to run multi agency scenarios to train and prepare for emergency situations.

Tigertail Australia's Managing Director, Mr Rick Stone said, “If you’ve never tried virtual reality, then this is a great way to experience it for the first time.” Tigertail is showcasing the Virtual Reality program’s capabilities including three modules: the On Scene, Resource Management, and Crisis Media.

The On Scene module provides an immersive incident scenario in 3D, enabling the user to experience the simulated reality, making decisions in a scenario that is played out in real time.

The Resource Management module provides training and exercise scenarios for Incident Controllers, at the operational and strategic level. The emphasis is placed on high-level decision making and logistic support to major incidents.

There are many opportunities to participate in forums and discussions, watch live demonstrations from emergency services and see the latest equipment and technology on offer from exhibitors.

Mr Stone said, “This year is the biggest expo to date, and we are delighted to be part of it, and to showcase what we can do for your organisation.”

XVR virtual reality training software on show at AFAC17

XVR virtual reality training software on show at AFAC17

Immersive 3D virtual reality training - cutting edge and cost effective

VR incident training

as featured in the February 2017 edition of The Australian Mining Review

Safety critical workplaces demand high quality training as emergency responses need to be automatic and effective; there's no time to waste. 

Repetition is the key to rapid and appropriate response, but building response scenarios to practise with is expensive and potentially risky. 

Simulation has long been used to support incident management training with a range of tools, from the hypothetical discussion exercise to field (live) exercises, such as those used in mines rescue.  Trainers have recognised that immersion in the problem promotes learning, rehearses response, and reinforces appropriate behaviour.

Simulation-based training is increasingly used to develop the complex knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to manage multifaceted problems, such as a disaster.  It is used to build teamwork and decision making skills in many industries, including health, military, emergency services, government, utilities and financial services. 

Virtual Reality (VR) simulations can be used to test the validity of plans, the readiness of facilities and teams, and identify areas for improvement.  They are used to practice procedures, drills, communication and teamwork, as well as orientate or reorient personnel to the work environment and conditions.

Advances in virtual reality make scenario-based training a cost-effective and realistic alternative for industrial fire-fighting, rescue and security responses. 

‘Drag and drop’ technologies make it possible for trainers to create learning experiences that are limited only by their imagination.  3D imagery, including Oculus, Vive and Igloo have created new ways to immerse learners in a virtual scene.  Hybrid solutions – such as a projection wall as a backdrop to using real equipment – can be easily developed.

Control room simulations, with ‘virtual’ cctv can improve operators’ skills with regular practise based on ‘real’ visual cues.

VR simulation reduces the cost of training responders by allowing them to rehearse and practice skills, particularly assessment, reconnaissance and decision-making, without building expensive props.  Similarly, VR allows emergency response teams to practise their communication skills using visual and auditory cues from the virtual environment. 

More information on VR training can be found at:

www.tigertail.com.au/xvr-3d-virtual-reality-training/ and www.discoverxvr.com

XVR On Scene module provides immersive 3D visualisation of an incident scenario

XVR On Scene module provides immersive 3D visualisation of an incident scenario

Dreamworld disaster a lesson in crisis management - by Adam Zuchetti

"Sometimes you can do everything in your power to minimise risk but things still go terribly wrong. The way you then deal with the disaster presents its own set of risks to your business and its ability to make it out the other side."

Adam Zuchetti talks with Rick Stone from Tigertail about the Dreamworld tragedy and how businesses can learn from this. Click here to read the full article in My Business.

How SME owners can mitigate risks to their business

 As a business owner, you must be able to cope with the stuff that life throws at you… “whether those risks are key people leaving your organisation, key suppliers going bankrupt, key customers disappearing or your building burning down. The inevitable happens. Our business is to help organisations learn to cope with that and recover,” says Rick Stone, the brains behind risk management consultancy Tigertail.

When you consider that Rick was previously the senior disaster planner for the NSW government and spent 10 years as the training manager for the SES in NSW, it’s clear he knows more than most about risk management and disaster recovery efforts.

In this episode of the My Business Podcast, Rick reveals:

• 3 key risks SME owners should be planning for

• The costliest type of natural disaster, and how to prepare for it

• Lessons he has learnt moving from a steady public service job to self-employment

And loads more!

Tune in here


Rick had the privilege of being a guest on My Business Podcast in July 2016.  Tune in now to hear about how SME owners can mitigate risks to their business!

Rick had the privilege of being a guest on My Business Podcast in July 2016.  Tune in now to hear about how SME owners can mitigate risks to their business!

Regional Business Awards Finalist!!!

Earlier this year Tigertail Australia were nominated to participate in the Regional Business Awards for Excellence in Sustainability - and now we are a finalist! 

Our loyal clients and the industry in which we work affords us the privilege of an organisation that is intimately involved with building community sustainability and resilience in the face of a changing global climate and we are committed to embedding environmental sustainability in everything we do.

This year we are finalists in Excellence in Sustainability.

Thank you to all our stakeholders for your support!

NSW Government Builds Resilience Through Preparedness - Exercise Scientia Vectis 2016

Opening up dialogue between public and private sectors for improved emergency planning and management

Sydney, June 7, 2016 - NSW Public Works with assistance from emergency management consultancy, Tigertail Australia, has embarked upon an initiative to increase the State’s preparedness to deal with an emergency beyond the public sector’s own capability.  

The aim is to open up dialogue between contract engineering and consulting firms, industry associations and NSW State and Local governments to identify opportunities for coordinated assistance during catastrophic emergencies, and develop mechanisms to bring together engineering capability. 

To kick this off, NSW Public Works engaged Tigertail to assist them to conduct a unique emergency planning exercise, Exercise Scientia Vectis 2016, for the public and private sector engineering community. The senior group was tasked with managing a mock emergency scenario – a magnitude 6.2 earthquake in central and eastern Sydney, NSW.

The exercise accessed the best brains and experience in the sector and identified the procedures and resources available to ensure resilience, citizen safety, and continuity of services to the community.

It also gave the private sector insight into how State Emergency Management teams think, how to plan their resources and contracts, build skills, and design and practise vital procedures to support the NSW community should the need arise.

Emergency service leaders in NSW, including the Police, Fire and Rescue and Engineering came together with industry leaders from Engineers Australia, Consult Australia, Master Builders Association, Lendlease, John Holland, SMEC, Arup, Beca and many others.

Emergency management is a complex series of activities that includes risk assessment, disaster mitigation, building preparedness and capability to withstand and manage disasters, emergency response, community recovery and renewal.

Emergencies from natural disasters cost the NSW community an average of $484 million per year, which is 44% of the national total. On average, there are more than 20 natural disasters costing more than $10 million every year in NSW with the latest East Coast Low causing tens of millions of dollars damage to infrastructure and property across the eastern states and tragically taking a number of lives.

“One of the reasons NSW responds well in the face of emergencies such as we have seen with the recent East Coast Low, is the time and effort spent in preparedness and practice such as with Exercise Scientia Vectis where NSW Public Works Engineering Emergency Management Team was assisted by Tigertail Australia,” explained Martin Dwyer, Chief Emergency Engineer at NSW Public Works.   “Sometimes we need to contemplate an emergency so big that the old rule book no longer works and we must write a new one.”

“Resilience and preparedness are the foundations for ensuring that communities and businesses operate as safely and smoothly as possible in the event of an emergency – and that requires coordination between the public and private sectors. We help organisations design governance strategies, frameworks and plans, then implement, practise, audit and update them when necessary,” said Rick Stone, Managing Director at Tigertail. “We cut through the spin and give capability and counsel as to what business and government need to safeguard their people, assets, the environment and their reputation.”

Tigertail Australia is a leading provider of contingency planning, crisis leadership training, and incident management team training and exercises for public and private sector organisations.

Please contact Tigertail Australia on 1300 987 772, email: answers@tigertail.com.au or visit http://www.tigertail.com.au for more information.

About Tigertail Australia

Tigertail Australia advises high profile public and private sector organisations on risk, crisis and emergency management. It helps them survive disruptions, disasters and crises by providing strategies, training programs, tools and exercises.  

Headquartered in Sydney and operating nationally, Tigertail has a team of highly experienced consultants from diverse backgrounds.

Clients that have chosen Tigertail to help them build resilient cultures include banks, insurers,  governments, critical infrastructure owners and operators (gas, water, energy), health care organisations, defence, retailers and more.

For more information, please visit www.tigertail.com.au

For media enquiries,

Samantha Ford
+61 02 8097 1901

Jo Balfour
+61 405 542 018

Simulated collapse courtesy of the Emergency Information Coordination Unit

Simulated collapse courtesy of the Emergency Information Coordination Unit

From the helpdesk to the boardroom - why resilience matters

Business resilience is an organisation’s ability to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous business operation, safeguarding people and assets and maintaining or even building brand equity. The concept itself is not new; but it has a name that encompasses the range of disciplines for identifying and managing business risks, change, disruption, crises and emergencies. The result is an approach that strengthens the business by reducing cost, exposure, and stress; ensures compliance and builds a constructive culture.

Read the full article by Samantha Ford  as it appears in CIO and PC World magazines here.  Published 9 May 2016.

Tigertail Launches Advanced Emergency Management Simulator for Hospitals

New online tool helps hospitals & healthcare providers prepare for incidents, crises and emergencies cost-effectively.

Sydney, April 27, 2016 - Hospitals and healthcare facilities seeking to prepare for crises and emergencies now have access to the world’s best training and simulation exercises following the launch in Australia of ISEE Hospital from emergency management consultancy, Tigertail Australia.

Developed in conjunction with hospitals worldwide, ISEE Hospital is a cost-effective modular web-based simulation tool delivered to hospital management and staff with an additional strategy, training and feedback layer. It helps the health sector build skills and design and practise vital procedures.

Scenarios can be designed and shaped to suit a hospital’s configuration, location, specialisations, standard operating procedures, hazards and risk levels. Departments and units are created, and then resources and personnel are set up before patients are added, and a series of scenarios are run. These range from fire, flood, power outage, terrorist attacks, pandemics, and infrastructure to systems failure.

Internal teams then determine responses and implement them, with all actions and decisions stored for further discussion and feedback for participants with Tigertail.

“We help health service organisations design governance strategies, frameworks and plans, then implement, practise, audit and update them when necessary,” said Rick Stone, Managing Director at Tigertail. “We cut through the spin and give health professionals exactly what they need to safeguard their people, assets and environment.”

Tigertail Australia is a leading provider of health services contingency planning, crisis leadership training, public health commander and incident management team training and exercises. It has worked with health ministries in three jurisdictions, public and private hospitals, aged care, hospital foundations and allied health services.

Free demonstrations are available, for more information, please contact Tigertail Australia on 1300 987 772, email answers@tigertail.com.au or visit http://www.tigertail.com.au for more information.

About Tigertail Australia

Tigertail Australia advises high profile public and private sector organisations on risk, crisis and emergency management. It helps them survive disruptions, disasters and crises by providing strategies, training programs, tools and exercises.  

Headquartered in Sydney and operating nationally, Tigertail has a team of highly experienced consultants from backgrounds as diverse as the Royal Australian Navy, NSW State Emergency Management Committee, Commonwealth Bank and Rio Tinto.

Clients that have chosen Tigertail to help them build resilient cultures include banks, governments, hospitals, ports, utilities companies and energy providers, defence, retailers, health and human services, energy companies and more.

For more information, please visit www.tigertail.com.au

For media enquiries, 

Samantha Ford
+61 8097 1901
Jo Balfour
+61 405 542 018



Standing united against all forms of terror

"Stand united against all forms of terror." I love this message, to me it says bugger you, I am not putting up with your disgusting attempts to create instability, discrimination and unrest.

Following bombings earlier today in Brussels it reinforces the need to be vigilant, accept that these attacks are not isolated to one country and that terror is indiscriminate affecting all people regardless of religion or race.  

The goal of terrorist attacks is to frighten people into changing their behaviour.  Don't accept it as the norm, be disturbed by it and where you can, do something about it.  Have strategies in place to continue normal life, support one another and in business maintain productivity in the face of these outrageous acts. 

Report suspicious activity to the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400, be aware of your surroundings and understand your travel risks at Smartraveller advice. Follow updates on the Belgium bombings at SMH Live Coverage